Graduate Program

Graduate Commercial Pilot Program Calgary Alberta Canada

L R HELICOPTERS Graduate Program is an extension to initial training; it will get you started in the helicopter industry. Make the right choice; it is your career.


Graduate employment opportunities available for our successful graduate Commercial Pilots, straight out of flight school! 

  • Are you looking for a career that can meet your expectations?
  • Are you able to providing excellent service for our customers?
  • Are you looking for a workplace where safety and quality is high priority?
  • Are you looking for a company which can provide career development opportunities?


If you answered yes to the above questions, continue reading!


What is the Graduate Pilot Program?

L R HELICOPTERS Graduate Program is an extension to initial training and designed to kick-start a newly qualified pilot’s career. These positions benefit individuals by gaining significant Pilot in Command (PIC) hours.


How can L R HELICOPTERS provide a graduate program?

L R HELICOPTERS is the operator the Electronic News Gathering (ENG) machines in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and here in Calgary. The majority of these bases utilize three pilots. This provides a constant roll over of new positions on a two year rotation.


Who is eligible for the program?

Those who complete the commercial pilot helicopter license together with a night rating.


How many hours will I fly in this program?

On average you can achieve over 1000 in two years. This amount of experience would usually take between five and seven years to collect. Another significant advantage of the program is the possibility to collect night flying time, which can amount to 150 hours during the two year period.


Is there additional training to complete for these positions?

Yes. These positions require successful graduates to complete additional training hours. These hours include approximately 10 hours for the proficiency check ride and between 20-30 hours on the job training. These hours are paid for by L R HELICOPERS. You will also undertake a comprehensive company indoctrination program designed around our Safety management System and Company Operation Procedures.


Do all L R HELICOPTERS students automatically qualify for the graduate program?

We have limited places available, six or seven each year. We only select those graduates who can demonstrate the qualities we require.  Graduates must excel as a commercial pilot, have an outstanding ability to provide a balanced and customer focused approach for our clients, a team player and ambassador for L R HELICOPTERS.


Are graduates paid while working in these positions?

Yes. As a graduate you will receive compensation and company benefits in the same way our other employees do.


What happens at the end of the program?

Some of our pilots continue to work for L R HELICOPTERS and obtain training for more advanced job roles which may include long line, film, and forestry work to name but a few. Other pilots move on to gain experience in other sectors of the industry. Remember that with over 1000 hours, you will now start to be taken seriously as a commercial pilot!