International Helicopter License Conversions Calgary Alberta Canada

Foreign Conversions

L R HELICOPTERS welcome International Private and Commercial Pilots. We have significant experience in helping students from various sectors of the globe including: Europe, Russia, Australia, Switzerland, China and Brazil to name but a few. We can guide and support you through all necessary steps to convert your existing foreign licence into a Canadian. We are also able to provide assistance for you to obtain your FAA (United States of America) or EASA (European) commercial or private licence.


Aviation Language Proficiency Test (ALPT)
Radio License (ROC-A) Restricted Operators Certificate – Aviation
Category 1 Medical examination from a Transport Canada approved medical examiner
You must achieve 90% or higher on the PSTAR written exam
Meet the flight time requirements as listed in CARs. Note that your previous flight time is fully credited
Transport Canada written exam CPHEL, 100 multiple choice questions Transport Canada Successful completion of a flight test

New FAA conversion for holders of Canadian Helicopter Pilot Licence.

Under the Agreement for the Promotion of Aviation Safety, dated 12th June 2000 between the United States of America and the Government of Canada, a new implementation procedure for licensing exits.

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